Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just received the greatest text message--my dear friend just got a positive test result after struggling with infertility for years also. It's the message I was praying I'd get this week. It's hard to explain but in a way I felt like I was waiting for my own result because I know so well what she's been going through.

I hope she can put the fear and anxiety aside for a bit and enjoy this amazing feeling. I struggled with that. I jumped for joy when I got the call and then my fear took over. I wish I could feel what other "newly pregnant" women get to feel--shock but incredible excitemet and wonder.

Sadly, infertility does make us extra anxious. We've worked SO HARD to get to this place that we don't allow ourselves to get too excited. We know too much. We think too much. We've forgotten what pure elation feels like.

The good news is that we will feel that pure elation when we hold our newborn babies in our arms.

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  1. I know what you mean, I just got my BFP two days ago and I'm still so nervous! Excited too but nervous more! Congrats to your friend!!