Friday, October 8, 2010

Took your advice...

...we told my parents our news over the weekend while visiting DC!
We were unsure if we would since it's still very early (9 weeks tomorrow!)but our ultrasound last week confirmed everything is right on track.

At dinner Saturday night Max ordered a bottle of cava (Spanish version of champagne). Only three flutes arrived. The fourth came moments later filled with Sprite for me. I told my parents we were working hard to practice our Spanish as we only have 8 months. Then I handed my mother an envelop with a picture of our latest ultrasound.

They were thrilled! My mother promised to keep our secret but we are doubtful that she'll be able to resist telling.

Our next announcement will be on Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Otherwise, we've decided to let me growing belly spread the word.

Other updates: my first OB appointment is on Monday; morning sickness continues but some days are much more bearable than others; my belly is huge by night-time; lastly, "Pipa" is now "Pepita" because Max learned that pipa is something you smoke unless it's plural--then it's "seeds".

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