Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IVF and the Misconceptions

Today while driving to work I listened to my normal morning radio show--Fernando & Greg on a Bay Area station. I enjoy their banter and perspective on the world as two gay men--especially when it comes to celebrity gossip. They are open-minded, hilarious, and seem like genuinely nice people.

This morning, however, I found their show less amusing. In the "celebrity scoop" they read a story about Mariah Carey and the pregnancy rumors. Apparently, there are reports that she is pregnant after undergoing IVF. The djs' responses were that of surprise and jest because she's married to Nick Cannon--a guy in his early twenties. Why would she need IVF? Maybe she was just too busy with other things was another comment.

It's probably safe to say that Fernando and Greg know very little about IVF. Husband is too young to have issues in that department? If only age was the only culprit. She's too busy and so she decides to do IVF? That is what set me off...are you kidding me? IVF is like a full-time job for must of us. The number of doctor appointments, calls to insurance, ordering meds....the list is endless.

While I don't believe Fernando and Greg meant to be judgemental or hurtful, I wish that story had read differently. Maybe something like:

Congratulations to Mariah Carey! She's pregnant after a long journey of trying to start her family. Like many women, she went through IVF. You go girl!

This really reminded me that people have all sorts of misconceptions about IVF and there's so much to be learned. I appreciate people like Giuliana Rancic and Celine Dion for talking openly about their struggles to conceive and taking some of the stigma away.

Hopefully more people in the public eye will help get the word out--maybe even Mariah?


  1. I was so glad to hear that Celine gave birth to two healthy boys after everything that she has gone through.

    When talking about pregnancy, infertility or children, it is very easy to spot the fertiles, isn't it?

  2. I came across this news today also (not the ivf part though)and learned that she suffered a miscarriage shortly after she and NC were married. I think it said this was 2009? So that means a miscarriage in 2009 and now it is late 2010. How insensitive and irresponsible to gossip about reasons someone would choose IVF without considering the emotional journey people endure to get to that decision. But what Dandle Dreams says is so true--it is so easy to recognize those who have never even had to think about infertility and A.R.T., much less educate themselves on the subject.

    I too, am grateful for celebrities that speak out about infertility. Maybe MC will do the same and teach the celebrity obsessed fertile world a thing or two.